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Sanctorvm is cooperative Sci-Fi horror game for 1 up to 6 players with a massive campaign. Fight and take decisions to survive!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Shipping Update #3
27 days ago – Wed, Jun 01, 2022 at 01:59:33 AM

Greetings travelers, this is the captain of Cooperlay’s Daughter 401. We are informed that Sanctorvm’s orders have started to arrive at your homes. All UK and ROW orders should arrive within the next week.

Shipquest is preparing the EU and USA orders, and they have informed us that in about three weeks, they will start sending shipments to the backers. Remember that you will receive an email with the tracking number.

We would love if, once you have tried the game, you could put a review on the boardgamegeek website:

This will help us to have more visibility and reach for the next Kickstarter. If we are lucky, we will catch the attention of some youtubers, as some of them have not trusted us...

We are preparing a good strategy and we are planning to attend the German board game convention Spiel (we will tell you more in future updates).

Despite the problems we suffered during the development process, we are proud of what we have achieved together and that you can finally enjoy SANCTORVM.

As a publisher (Gravita Games), we are going to delete the Sanctorvm Instagram account  and start a new account @gravitagames, so you can follow us there to stay up to date on game news and new projects that we will develop.

If you have any problem with the shipments, please write to us at:

Shipping update #2
about 2 months ago – Tue, May 03, 2022 at 12:28:53 AM

Greetings travelers!

Over the past few weeks, all 3 shipments (USA, EU, and UK) have made it to their destination ports and cleared customs. The EU and UK hubs are already preparing the shipments for each backer; the USA hub shipment will arrive early next week.

The shipping company Shipquest is planning to start shipments on May 10th, but we have been told that it could take up to 3 weeks. Once the shipments start, we will update you again! We are looking forward to receiving your precious boxes.

At the following link, you can see the logistic status of the Sanctorvm project:

Shipping update #1
3 months ago – Thu, Mar 31, 2022 at 04:20:14 AM

Greetings travelers,

We are back with some new information about the current status of the logistic process. We are getting closer and closer to landing!

Current shipping situation

Our ships spent some time in the port of Yantian. This has become extremely common lately as ships attempt to exit China. Since the exit was very close to the CNY holidays, many bottlenecks were generated.

Current ETA status:

  • EU: German customs ask for some documents; this will delay the arrival of the shipment to the EU HUB by 1 week. Its ETA is on the 15th of April.
  • UK: We have been informed that the ship will soon reach its location. Its ETA is the 10th of April.
  • USA: The container is near the destination port. Its ETA is on the 5th of April.

Once the cargo arrives at the port, it will be picked up by the carriers and taken to the main HUBs. Then Shipquest will prepare all the packages and send them to your homes. We can do nothing more to accelerate this process; we cannot wait for the project to arrive in your homes so that you can evaluate it.

Cooperlay’s Daughter 401 has taken off!
4 months ago – Mon, Feb 28, 2022 at 01:35:14 AM

We are happy to announce that the entire Sanctorvm project has finally left the ports of China and is on its way to the three HUBS (EU, UK, and USA) that we have contracted with the logistics company Shipquest.

Picture of the cargo going to the UK HUB.

The goods are expected to arrive at the 3 HUBs on April 1st, and Shipquest should start shipping to your homes two weeks later. As always, we will keep you informed. We know it's been a long journey and we've had a lot of problems along the way, but the whole Gravita Games team is very happy and looking forward to getting your boxes to you.

Change of Address:

If any backer has changed address, it’s very important that you please let us know via the following email:

We can change addresses through the month of March.


At the end of May, Gravita Games will attend its first public event in Barcelona (Spain) to present the Sanctorvm project, and we plan to attend more events within the EU. With all this, we want to tell you that this has just begun; now it's time to make ourselves known. In a few months, we will reactivate our social networks, contact youtubers, etc.

5 months ago – Sat, Jan 29, 2022 at 04:58:04 AM

Greetings travelers! 

The whole Gravita Games team is very excited. A few weeks ago, Ningbo Eastar Games (the company in charge of the entire production of the board game) and Deepgrooves (in charge of the vinyl) confirmed to us that the production of the whole project is finished!

We leave you a picture of the boxes (containing your precious games), ready to travel!

Production Done

A video unboxing of one of the Core Box (In shrink):

And a video unboxing of one of the vinyl records; they are amazing!

How we will proceed from now on:

We have been trying to book a container for the massive shipment to the 3 hubs (UK + EU + USA) to ship out before the CNY (New Chinese Year), but it has been impossible for two reasons. First, the Chinese sea ports have been congested since the beginning of January, which increases the risk of possible damages, losses, etc. The second reason is the exaggerated increase in the price to reserve these containers (almost triple their normal price...). So, unfortunately, we have no choice but to wait until the end of the CNY. At that point, all the boxes and add-ons will be distributed among the different hubs.

Please note that since we have these three hubs, the vast majority of shipments will be Customs Friendly. We estimate that by March, all the boxes will be in the warehouses and from there, all shipments will start and should not take long to arrive at your homes.

Everyone on the Gravita Games team hopes you have had a good start of the year, and that there is less and less time left before you get to open this monster!