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Sanctorvm is cooperative Sci-Fi horror game for 1 up to 6 players with a massive campaign. Fight and take decisions to survive!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Cooperlay’s Daughter 401 has taken off!
6 months ago – Mon, Feb 28, 2022 at 01:35:14 AM

We are happy to announce that the entire Sanctorvm project has finally left the ports of China and is on its way to the three HUBS (EU, UK, and USA) that we have contracted with the logistics company Shipquest.

Picture of the cargo going to the UK HUB.

The goods are expected to arrive at the 3 HUBs on April 1st, and Shipquest should start shipping to your homes two weeks later. As always, we will keep you informed. We know it's been a long journey and we've had a lot of problems along the way, but the whole Gravita Games team is very happy and looking forward to getting your boxes to you.

Change of Address:

If any backer has changed address, it’s very important that you please let us know via the following email:

We can change addresses through the month of March.


At the end of May, Gravita Games will attend its first public event in Barcelona (Spain) to present the Sanctorvm project, and we plan to attend more events within the EU. With all this, we want to tell you that this has just begun; now it's time to make ourselves known. In a few months, we will reactivate our social networks, contact youtubers, etc.

6 months ago – Sat, Jan 29, 2022 at 04:58:04 AM

Greetings travelers! 

The whole Gravita Games team is very excited. A few weeks ago, Ningbo Eastar Games (the company in charge of the entire production of the board game) and Deepgrooves (in charge of the vinyl) confirmed to us that the production of the whole project is finished!

We leave you a picture of the boxes (containing your precious games), ready to travel!

Production Done

A video unboxing of one of the Core Box (In shrink):

And a video unboxing of one of the vinyl records; they are amazing!

How we will proceed from now on:

We have been trying to book a container for the massive shipment to the 3 hubs (UK + EU + USA) to ship out before the CNY (New Chinese Year), but it has been impossible for two reasons. First, the Chinese sea ports have been congested since the beginning of January, which increases the risk of possible damages, losses, etc. The second reason is the exaggerated increase in the price to reserve these containers (almost triple their normal price...). So, unfortunately, we have no choice but to wait until the end of the CNY. At that point, all the boxes and add-ons will be distributed among the different hubs.

Please note that since we have these three hubs, the vast majority of shipments will be Customs Friendly. We estimate that by March, all the boxes will be in the warehouses and from there, all shipments will start and should not take long to arrive at your homes.

Everyone on the Gravita Games team hopes you have had a good start of the year, and that there is less and less time left before you get to open this monster!

Happy New Year 2022
7 months ago – Fri, Dec 31, 2021 at 02:29:16 PM

Greetings travelers of Cooperlay’s Daughter 401,

We know that this year has been hard for all of you... What has annoyed us the most is that you have not yet been able to enjoy the adventures that await you in the Sanctorvm universe. For our part, we can tell you that we have done our best, we have overcome all the bumps we encountered along the way, and we have learned from our mistakes.

We know that this coming year of 2022 is going to be very special for all of us! You will open your precious boxes and be able to appreciate our first great project. And we will continue to grow and improve. We have planned a few surprises that we will be revealing in a few months...

Ningbo Eastar tells us that production will be finished on January 10th, so in February, Shipquest should start with the long-awaited logistics. We have also received some images from the production of the game.

All the Gravita Games team wishes you happy holidays and above all, a wonderful start of the year!

We are still waiting
8 months ago – Fri, Dec 03, 2021 at 01:52:10 AM

Good morning to all travelers,

In this update we have a few things to show you. At the moment, we are still waiting for Ningbo Eastar Game Manufacturing, which continues with the production of the Sanctorvm board game. They inform us that they have invested in new metal machinery, so the coins and the leader medal will have a much better finish than the one we showed you. Those of you who purchased the metal dice add-on will also get this improvement.

About The Depth vinyl

A few weeks ago, we received the test pressing (black vinyl) to listen to and give the final production approval, and we can confirm that it sounds BRUTAL! As a fun anecdote to tell you, the sound engineer of DeepGrooves kept a copy for his collection! He told us that he only does that with the works that have really fascinated him.

We leave you some images so you can see how the "Test Pressing" has turned out. 

Test Pressing Vinyl

The final product will come with the marbled color in turquoise blue and the color case with glow.

Curiosities of Sanctorvm

In case you didn't know, in Sanctorvm you will have several puzzles and mini-games to play while you advance in the narrative. One of our favorites is the Dr. Rabidus slot machine.

During the Narrative Phase, players will be able to find these machines. In them, the Homo Superbe will be able to play by paying a coin to the Overlord, and thus obtain various prizes (Utility Cards, Coins, or Legendary Weapon Cards).

To use the machine, the players of Homo Superbe Side must spend 1 Coin (they lose it) and one of them must roll three dice, one after the other. The Overlord must set them in the order they were rolled and check if the player has obtained a reward.

The possible combinations and their respective rewards are listed below:

Legendary Weapon Rewards

Good luck to you!

9 months ago – Wed, Nov 03, 2021 at 08:16:09 PM


All of us at Gravita Games believe it is important to explain what the process of this project has been. We believe that this transparency is important for you to understand our situation.

When we created the Kickstarter, we were nobodies—we didn't have enough resources to create the monster we have now; we only had a dream. We presented a sketch of what Sanctorvm would be. Most projects on Kickstarter are already finished or are at 80+% of their development, so crowdfunding is just to find out how many games to print and to make small improvements. We (Toni, Andres, and Marc), having only a sketch, have had to develop the whole project in this time and we can assure you that the result exceeds our expectations. With this, we want to say that although the project has been delayed, taking a total of 2 years, we believe it has been worth it. We sinned by being ambitious, but thanks to this, we have become stronger and have recovered from all the falls and are now rock solid.

We wanted to do our best because we know that this is just the beginning; there is still a long way to go for the Sanctorvm Universe! We are looking forward to seeing you receive your precious boxes, and we hope that when you open and enjoy them, you will give us your constructive feedback so that we can improve future expansions, adventures, mechanics, etc.

One of the biggest challenges we have had has been the testing of this great RPG. Consider that we have two books with a total of 300 pages, with an extensive branching narrative and a unique combat system with an infinite number of combos. The pandemic affected a lot of the development because we couldn't host meetings with big groups, making playtesting very difficult. But today we can say we have achieved a very balanced game system and we are proud of it.

Sanctorvm is a game with an extensive amount and variety of materials (metal, acrylic, PVC, cardboard, holographic, etc) and the stock of the companies we work with has been limited by Covid, delaying all projects worldwide. If we had limited these components, it would not have affected us so much, but we believe that these premium materials represent our love for the game and our reward to you for the long wait.

Official Kickstarter press release with more information on the subject:

In addition, due to our comparatively low number of units (1,000), some of these companies have been forced to give priority to larger projects. With all this, we do not want to make excuses, we just want you to better understand the challenges we have faced.


This week, we received the final samples of all the components and we are very pleased with their quality. We would like to congratulate Ningbo Eastar and Deep Grooves for the professional way they have treated us. We leave you some images for your viewing pleasure.


We know that in the end this will seem like a joke; you won't find it very funny and honestly, neither do we. Our idea was that in December, you would receive your games as a Christmas present from Dr. Rabidus. But we will have to wait a little longer: the company in charge of shipping logistics, Ship Quest, has informed us that this December they will be much more saturated than usual. They told us that it would be crazy for us to make shipments since we are such a small company and have such a low volume of sales. Evidently the shipping costs could almost double, which would sink us (back when we created the Kickstarter, the price we set for shipping did not take into consideration that Sanctorvm’s box would weigh over 5kg and that we would be in the midst of a global pandemic...).

To complicate matters more, China implemented a new law to reduce pollution levels, and of course, this affects several of the companies we work with. To give you an example, if before they had the PVC machine plugged in 7 days a week, now they can only turn it on 1 day a week, which delays all the projects that this company has, in turn delaying the production queue…


We know that this news will make you angry, and that many of you will have already lost confidence in us, but these things are out of our hands. The only thing we can say is that Sanctorvm will not let you down when it arrives at your home. The new estimated dates we have been given are:

  • Final production of the project: January 15th.
  • Start of logistics: mid-February.

Thank you very much to all the Backers who still trust us and especially to those of you who are more patient than we are!