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Sanctorvm is cooperative Sci-Fi horror game for 1 up to 6 players with a massive campaign. Fight and take decisions to survive!

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We're almost there!
over 1 year ago – Sat, Feb 27, 2021 at 11:24:36 PM

Greetings to all travelers!

In this new update, we officially introduce ourselves as Gravita Games, under the slogan: 

"Let your imagination take off with us."

In the following link, you can see the studio’s official page, which we will update little by little:  (WIP)

In the near future, the website will be used to give reinforcement to the Sanctorvm universe (Lore), mechanics FAQs, new quests (Action Phases), etc.

Preview Spot: Virgul's Party

We are also preparing the marketing campaign with some spots of our favorite villains. Here is a sketch of the storyboard animated in pixel art:

We will keep this "Pixel Art" format for everything related to animation; the mobile app we are developing will have the same visual.


Thank you very much to the Spanish backers who have agreed to review the manual! Right now, the manual is being translated into English; in the next update, the English backers will be able to review it and help us with feedback. We are sorry for the delay, but we want everything to be at the expected level.

Die-cut miniatures (Acrylic)

We have good news! We are just finishing balancing the budget and should be able to upgrade all the enemies from cardboard to acrylic plastic, giving them a premium and durable finish.

Example of the "Skinny Minis" project:

2nd Kickstarter

As we do all of the above, we are also setting up the second Kickstarter to boost the Sanctorvm game and get all these premium finishes, which of course you will also get in your Core Boxes.

We have created a new Family, named the Z-Morphs. These Homo Superbe have been inspired by series and movies from the 80s and 90s. We are very proud of them, and each will come with a new panel and unique Superbe power. These new plastic miniatures will be unlocked as Stretch Goals for the Core Box. 


So, all backers will get these new characters to annihilate the threats of the Cooperlay’s Daughter 401 colony. Which one do you like the most?

In this second Kickstarter, we will have two Pledges Levels:

Core Box & Apocalypse Expansion
  • "CORE BOX" for 79€ which will come with the Core Box (without the Vinyl - The Depth, as this was an exclusive for the first Kickstarter’s backers) + unlocked Stretch Goals (Z-Morphs miniatures, etc).
  • "ALL-IN" for 229€ which will come with the Core Box + unlocked Stretch Goals + Apocalypse Expansion + Loud Laugh Miniature Extension + Mad March Miniature Extension + Red Radiance Miniature Extension + Steel Steps Miniature Extension + Whisper Walls Miniature Extension + Modules Pack + Overlord Screen.

**Don't worry, all original backers who want the "ALL-IN" Pledge will be able to upgrade their old pledge by paying the corresponding difference (including changing the Add-ons chosen to compensate the price difference).**

New Add-ons

In this second Kickstarter, we wanted to empower our minions. We will have a vast arsenal of detailed plastic miniatures that can be purchased in the "ALL-IN" pledge or through "Add-ons" (divided by adventures):

**As in the previous section, all original backers will be able to exchange any old Add-on for any of the new ones, paying the difference.**

Risks of this second Kickstarter

This second Kickstarter is intended to raise the investment needed to create all the molds for the new miniatures and improve the player experience with a mobile app. If we don’t hit our funding goal, everything from the first Kickstarter is still on track. So, you don't have to worry about anything; in a few months you will be able to enjoy Sanctorvm in your homes.

In the next update, we will show you the Kickstarter preview so you can follow it and help us to spread the word to achieve this great goal.

As always, remember that we are doing this to improve the project and the play experience. We know you are looking forward to getting the game to your homes; we are as well, more than ever, and we are working hard to get everything up to par.

We are eternally grateful to you, because thanks to you, we have been able to evolve our initial idea into something much bigger and more beautiful, giving birth to this piece of monster!

over 1 year ago – Sat, Jan 23, 2021 at 04:03:08 PM

Greetings travellers!

In this new update we will show you the progress of the project:


During the last few weeks, we have been editing the texts on all game components such as cards and panels... All of them are currently being translated into English.

Mad March Setup

In the same way, we already have the manual edited in Spanish, having been tested by approximately 30 Spanish-speaking Overlords. Due to the Covid pandemic, this feedback process is getting difficult, so we want to count on your support by giving us feedback on the manual. We will start with the Spanish-speaking backers, and by the next update we will have the manual translated into English, so the English-speaking backers can review it as well.

Español: Aquellos backers hispanohablantes que estén interesados en revisar el manual y dar feedback al proyecto tenéis que enviar un email a la siguiente dirección de correo:, con el asunto: “Manual Alpha Feedback”.

Así, os podremos enviar un acceso al manual completo.

We also have the Loud Laugh introductory adventure edited and translated into English. The correction and translation of the two adventures of the Chieftain's War campaign is currently being finalized.


Parallel to the testing, proofreading, and translation work, we are working on the production of the non-text components such as miniatures, coins, box design and layout, and modules.

Plastic Tray + Miniatures with Sundrop Effect

As for the modules, we already have the final version:

Core Box Modules


In a few weeks, the vinyl will also go into production. We leave you here with some new tracks that will be available in the Sanctorvm app that we are also working on.

The whole Sanctorvm team is anxious to have the final version of the game; it's getting closer and closer! Weeks ago, we started the crunch stage, in which we are making the final touches so that you get a game with the most premium result possible. Thank you very much for your support.

over 1 year ago – Wed, Dec 30, 2020 at 07:17:31 PM

2020 has been a complicated year for all of us. Regardless, we have managed to break down all the barriers that have been imposed on us and continue moving forward. We do not know how the year 2021 will go, but we can assure you that each of you will be able to enjoy Sanctorvm. Hard challenges await you in The Colony, challenges which can only be overcome if you work as a team because helping each other is what keeps us going.

The whole team wishes you a happy and prosperous new year 2021!

over 1 year ago – Wed, Dec 09, 2020 at 02:00:33 AM

Hello to all deep space travelers,

The estimated timeline is working perfectly, and we have important things to announce.

The company in charge of the proofing and translation of all of Sanctorvm's texts will be Meeple Foundry:

Currently, they are already correcting and translating the introductory adventure, Loud Laugh. Here is a link to the first chapter so you can read it at your leisure:

Capítulo 01 - Español

Chapter 01 - English

We would love you to share your opinions and feedback in the comment box, especially regarding the narrative (proofing and translation). We look forward to seeing your reactions and are very happy to finally share our literary universe in a closer way.

Sanctorvm - Core Box

All the books of the Core Box (the Rules Manual with the Loud Laugh adventure and the Chieftain's War campaign book with its two adventures) are already finished!

The testing process (along with proofing and translation) continues stronger than ever, with very good results.

In the next update, we will finally be able to show you the manual so you can give us valuable and appreciated feedback.


We have expanded the artist template, getting a full two-page environment where we will put information related to each chapter of the adventures. All the artists are doing an excellent job and Sanctorvm is looking better and better.

Dr. Rabidus Lab
The Matrix

Expansion Apocalypse

We are already developing the Apocalypse Expansion, both at book and thumbnail level. We will apply everything we have learned this year so that those of you who visit the Immiscible Gods campaign will find something amazing. Here we leave some of the designs and minis of the expansion enemies.

Apostle Mattai

Short term future

We will continue with the testing and outlining of the manual so that we’ll have a version to show. Soon, we will enter the production phase and will be able to show you the final components.

In January, we will start marketing (social media, YouTube analysis, magazines, etc.) so that the second Kickstarter will have a strong start.

almost 2 years ago – Tue, Oct 20, 2020 at 09:24:35 PM

Greetings family,

We hope that you feel good and safe in these times. In this new update, we will show how the project is progressing and the updated planning to date.


We are currently testing the mechanics of Sanctorvm. This phase is being delayed due to the damn Coronavirus. Due to social distancing laws, groups of people are limited in numbers and must be reduced. But don't worry, the game is being improved as much as possible and the results are favorable.

We know that you want a video so that you can see how to play Sanctorvm perfectly; we are working on preparing one! We also plan to have the manual finished, translated, and revised for the next update, so you can read it and give us your appreciated feedback.


  •  Allies:
    During the Narrative Phase, the Family will meet various characters who can help them in combat in exchange for something. These allied miniatures will be controlled by the Family and will act like another, new member in the next Action Phase.
Plastic miniatures
  •  Slot Machine:
    During the Narrative Phase, the Family will be able to find a Dr. Rabidus' slot machine. Here, the players can pay a coin to play and get various prizes (Tool cards) thanks to a dice rolling mini game.
Dr. Rabidus Slot Machine
Metal Coins (Finished)
  •  Renewed Solo Mode:
    We have created a new and improved system for Solo Mode. Now one person can play all the adventures and fight in the Action Phases using the AI Dice, giving them the complete experience of Sanctorvm (Narrative Phase) just like they were playing with a group.
AI DICE (Finished)

New modes of Action Phases:
There are now five modes of Action Phases in Sanctorvm:

  •  Normal:
    This mode does not have any new features. It is the most common one in an Action Phase; the players must simply overcome the described objective.
  •  Prisoner:
    A member of the Family, described in the Adventure or otherwise at random, must remain in a prison, unable to act, until the other members gets the key to free them.
  •  Parallel:
    In this mode, the Family is divided into two teams, each fighting separately within their corresponding Modules and Objectives.
  •  Gear:
    In this mode, one of the Modules will rotate 90 degrees clockwise at the end of each round.
  •  Duel:
    The Family and the Overlord each choose a miniature, named Champion from now on. The two Champions will fight until one of them dies, then the rest of the miniatures will go into combat and the Action Phase will begin normally.


As you may know, Sanctorvm has evolved a lot since we showed the first idea during the Kickstarter. Thanks to your support, Sanctorvm has been able to see the light, and for that, we will be eternally grateful.

Action Dice (Finished)

We will relaunch a second Kickstarter project in March to get more capital. With this, we hope to convert all the enemy card tokens into plastic miniatures, and expand the whole game with some stretch goals. All this will benefit the project a lot, improving its final version and possibly enabling us to translate it into more languages.

New Miniatures from the Card Tokens Enemies (WIP)

Logistically, we will offer the same options as the first Kickstarter, only updated with all the improvements that you will also have access to. Backers from the first campaign will also receive any unlocked stretch goals from the second campaign.

We will also offer new add-ons with all the new enemy miniatures. Here, we will show you some of them; the new enemy designs are incredible!

New Miniatures from the Card Tokens Enemies (WIP)

Don't worry: Backers who already have miniature add-ons can exchange them for the new ones or keep the one they already had, maintaining the same prices.

In the following table, you can see the current timeline for the project:


The Apocalypse expansion will have to wait until September; we want to nail it, and for that, we will need more time and testing. Those of you who backed the expansion will receive two separate shipments, one with the core box and one with the expansion. These dual shipping expenses are already included in what you paid.

Apocalypse Expansion Enemies

We know that delaying the project doesn't please anyone, least of all us, but due to the circumstances in which we find ourselves (virus, new mechanics, more miniatures and designs, etc...), we have to adapt and that pushes our deadlines back a little longer. We are giving it our all, surprising ourselves every day with the constant evolution that the project is experiencing.

Thanks for your support!